Amanda Priest is a jewellery designer/maker based in Lincolnshire. After a 20 year career within the fashion industry, Amanda undertook a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery Design gaining a First Class Hons Degree.

In contrast to the trend led, fast world of fashion, Amanda’s work investigates the relationship of value between material, maker and wearer.  Her inspiration is taken from personal memories, experiences, travel, situations and conversations. Amanda believes that through a period of time the subjective value instilled by the maker fades and that the jewellery begins to take on its own biography, influenced by time, people and history. It is important to Amanda that her work speaks of her own personal values that are imbued in the making process. She believes that many people contribute to the way a piece of jewellery is valued, often outweighing the basic material values.

Amanda works with non precious and precious materials using steel, silver and gold in a quest to explore the relationship between the materials. Through her fascination with value, Amanda’s choice of materials ensure no two pieces are the same. In her use of enamel which is applied to the steel, Amanda seeks to create scar like marks and textures which may only be understood by Amanda or the wearer.

Amanda explains, “I like things to matter, life to matter and jewellery to matter. The narrative behind the piece plays an important part in the design process, it offers glimpses into the thoughts and values instilled at the time of making. Once the piece reaches its new owner, it will go on to communicate  a different message  and the values instilled in the making process will fade.”

In 2017 Amanda was delighted to be selected by the Crafts Council for their Hothouse programme as one of their ‘ones to watch!’ “This intensive programme gave me the confidence to launch The Hayloft Workshops, enabling me to to share both the location and my time with other creative people. After leaving University I was always aware how insular my life could be and I missed the interaction with fellow creatives. The balance of making my own work and the interaction of The Hayloft Workshops allows me to have the best of both worlds!”


The mission of The Hayloft is to provide quality workshops in various creative disciplines, led by expert tutors within beautiful relaxed surroundings.

Amanda Priest